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Amateur Short – Official Selection – August 2019 Monster Under the Bed | United States | 2019 | 08’ Director: Sean Aragon Writer: Sean Aragon Producer: Sarah Hawbaker , Sean Aragon Cast: Grace Smith , Jorge Alvarez , April Hilton-Pegas Synopsis: When a lonely little girl discovers friendship and bonds with a monster under her […]

Congratulations to our June 2019 Award Winners

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SHORT TO THE POINT – JUNE 2019 AWARDS BEST FILM MAKR | United Arab Emirates | 2018 |   15’         Director: Hana Kazim       Writer: Hana Kazim          Producer: Hind Al Basti    Cast: Mansoor Alfeeli, Mohammed Ahmed, Madiya Humaid, Iman Tarik     Synopsis: SHEIKH, a fake exorcist who recently lost his daughter and with it his trust in God, […]

Congratulations to our May 2019 Award Winners

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BEST FILM Lucy | Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela | 2018  | 15’      Director: Roberto Gutiérrez          Writers: Roberto Gutiérrez, Héctor Torres              Producers: Rafael Ponce, Roberto Gutiérrez Cast: Luigi Sciamanna, Eloísa Maturén, Elvis Chaveinte, Daniela Bueno        Synopsis: Raúl, a solitary and obsessive 60-year-old foley artist, lives austerely in an apartment full of curious objects, where he […]


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Children Short – Official Selection – February 2019 Lilly Goes Fishing | Canada | 2018 | 08’ Director: The Bum Family Writer: The Bum Family Producer: Xstine Cook Cast: The Bum Family Synopsis: Lilly, a giant orange monster, embarks on an adventure at a lakeside fishing camp with her friend Fluffle. Will Lilly discover the […]

The list of the films screened at Short Film Factory (by SHORT to the Point) in March 2019.

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BEST FILM AWARD @ STTP OCTOBER 2018 AWARDS Polka: Purveyor of Dots Director: Daniel Castro Country: United States Duration: 04:30 Synopsis: Polka, the eccentric visionary designer who introduced the world to the polka dot, finds her legacy in jeopardy when dots are declared ‘dead’ by the industry digest. She must evolve to survive, but breaking […]

Congratulations to our January 2019 Award Winners

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BEST FILM PLAY  | Greece | 2017 | 30’        Director: Vangelis Liberopoulos               Writer: Thomas C. Dunn, Avraam Sekerglou      Producers: Stelios Cotionis, Vangelis Liberopoulos, Rodolfos Valentinos Kriezis Cast: Yannis Drakopoulos, Nikos Georgakis, Panis Kalofolias, Yiorgos Kentros, Sofia Kokkali       Synopsis: Most adults dream of staying in childhood forever and going through life like in a game, free […]


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Short Comedy – Official Selection – January 2019 Date Night | Romania | 2017 | 17’ Director: Stela Pelin Writer: Stela Pelin, Ioachim Stroe Producers: Stela Pelin, Alexandru Mihai, Claudiu Mitcu, Ioachim Stroe , Robert Fița Cast: Ionuț Niculae, Ilona Brezoianu Synopsis: Andrei works at a crummy car-wash. Due to a series of unfortunate events […]