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Amateur Short – Official Selection – July 2019 PIT STOP | United States | 2019 | 04’ Director: Mikail Ekiz Producer: Madeleine Arana Synopsis: A Stop-Motion/3D Hybrid Short about a gas station convenience store clerk who has a Magic 8 Ball for a head that can predict the future, he lives in a constant state […]


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Amateur Short – Official Selection – May 2019 71 QUESTIONS | United Kingdom | 2019 | 06’ Director: Justine Léaux Writer: Justine Léaux Producer: Itunu Olowo Cast: Yazmin Joy Vigus, Mirdrit Zhinipotoku Synopsis: The interrogation of a lifetime. Great gig in the sky | United States | 2019 | 03’ Director: Cody Millett Writer: Cody […]

Congratulations to our February 2019 Award Winners

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BEST FILM WHATEVER IT TAKES | France | 2019 | 15’           Director: Pierre Amstutz Roch      Writer: Pierre Amstutz Roch         Producer: Olivier BERLEMONT     Cast: Lionel Abelanski , Camille Japy , Phillipe Duquesne     Synopsis: Stéphane, 50, loses his job. Desperate to get a new job, he makes up a plan with his wife Fiona […]